Lanolin for sheep fleece (woven merino) 180 g

Lanolin na ovčí rouno (zatkávané merino) (2)
  • Lanolin na ovčí rouno (zatkávané merino) (2)
  • Lanolin for sheep fleece (woven merino) 180 g
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WOOL BALSAM - lanolin regenerator

The product does not contain phosphates and is environmentally friendly. It is an ecologically processed extract from sheep wool. It has a very dense consistency and is therefore far more cost-effective than thinner dyed lanolins. Just add a few drops. It has a wide range of uses.

Protects your woolen laundry, natural hair, knitwear, delicate fabrics, sheets, blankets, curtains, warm rheumatic laundry, etc. Thanks to the lanolin content, it cleans gently and thoroughly, does not change the shape or color of the laundry, disinfects, and also smells fresh.

Hand washing of fleece - wash the soaked fleece with a detergent and leave it to act for 10 to 30 minutes (depending on the soiling), then rinse with moist water max. 30 ° C.

Maintenance of sheep fleece - every 14 days we lightly spray the fleece on the surface and let it pull. This impregnates the fleece, the hairs do not break and the blanket lasts a really long time.

Machine wash: As a prewash, it removes grease, asphalt and chewing gum. Cleans upholstery, carpets, curtains. As a washing powder, it is unrivaled in price and efficiency. 1.5 l concentrate is able to replace a high-quality nine-kilo washing powder, for which, however, you do not have to buy expensive fabric softeners. However, the following dosage must be observed: per 1 washing machine 1/2, max. 3/4 lanolin lids (approx. 15 - 20 ml). Choose the washing temperature optimally up to 50 ° C, higher temperatures reduce the cleaning ability of lanolin. If you use a larger amount, it will only foam more, but the washing efficiency will remain the same. It also washes noble fabrics perfectly, which you can not only clean, but also impregnate thanks to lanolin. It is also excellent for washing a scarf for children who have a mixture of wool or silk.

When hand washed, the skin of your hands will receive the same care.

Detergent J

ust a few drops in the water on the dishes instead of chemical springs. If you apply clear lanolin to baked dishes and let it work for 10-15 minutes, then you can only remove the burn with a double-sided sponge.

Cleaning agent

Housewives have found the perfect helper in this product for the daily cleaning of households. You can use it to wash all non-absorbent substrates. Windows (without "Okena" and polishing), floors, tile doors, bathtubs, etc ..

Other uses:

Garden: fungi, pests, lichens but also repellent

It can be used not only for spraying against various pests (aphids, moths, mandelins, etc.) but also against fungi.

It is recommended to dilute half a decade of clear lanolin with 5 liters of water for these sprays.

Many people also use it to remove lichens from terraces or tombstones.

Motorists use this product for washing and polishing car paints, plastics, and cleaning upholstery.

Available in packages: 120 g (equivalent to approx. 100 ml), 290 g (equivalent to approx. 280 ml) and 1500 ml

Lanolin for sheep fleece (woven merino) 180 g

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