How is the leather measurred and haw much of it you need?

Manufacture of shoes

How much and what type of leather to use?

Skin is measured in square decimetres. 1 dm² is a piece of leather 10x10 cm, but it can also be 5x20 cm, or even 7x14.2 cm, etc. The leather does not have even edges, so do not expect an even piece in the shape of a square. Leather is a purely natural and disparate material. It can have different strength and ductility, in addition, there may be a number of places where there are visible or hidden defects (whisks, scratches, burns, scars, minor wrinkling, hole, etc.). This is not a reason for a complaint. For the above reasons, I recommend ordering a little more leather than you need. If you need the exact size, leave us a note. We will try to satisfy your needs and cut  a dimensionas large as possible.

Approximate amount of leather

Slippers up to size 26 (insole 16 cm) - 8 dm² (for insoles max. 5 dm² also with reserve).

Moccasins for adults - approx. 25 - 30 dm² + for insoles approx. 8 dm²

Women's ballerinas - approx. 15 - 18 dm² + for insoles approx. 8 dm² + rather add a reserve.

The larger the piece of leather, the fewer cuts, so the greater the savings (the better you fold the cut). If you want to have an exact dimension, redraw your cut and measure it. Add the resulting dimension to the order note. Always take into account the reserve due to minor defects in beauty.