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For properly fitting children's shoes. Did you know that more than half of children wear very small shoes? Poorly fitting shoes can deform a child's foot. Properly fitting shoes should be 12 mm larger than the child's foot.

1. Foot Measurement:

Insert a child's foot, barefoot or with a thin sock into the Plus 12® Meter and measure the length. The Plus 12® gauge automatically adds the required 12 mm to the length. Enter the length in mm. (= leg length + 12mm)

2. Shoe measurement:

Insert the Meter Plus 12® inside the shoe and insert the other end into the toe of the shoe with the end that protrudes from the shoe. Stop pushing when touched. Enter the length of the shoe in mm.

3. Will they fit?

Properly fitting shoes have an inner length at least 12 mm longer than a child's foot. If you measure your foot and foot with the Plus 12® Meter, you have great-fitting shoes.

If the foot measures 180 mm on the Meter Plus 12®, then the inner dimension of the shoe is also 180 mm. New shoes can be a bit larger, but a maximum of 17 mm.

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